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Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State

TEM Fees


 Fees for TEMInternalExternal
TEM Base Charge (up to 5 vials)155.00232.50
TEM Base Charge (5+ vials) Per vial31.0046.50
TEM Microtomy Thick Plastic (semithin + staining) Sectioning15.00/block22.50
TEM Microtomy (Ultrathin) Sectioning20.00/block30.00
TEM Beamtime with assistance115.00/hr172.50/hr
TEM Beamtime without assistance60.00/hr90.00/hr
EDX (additional beam time rate)33.00/hr49.50/hr
STEM (additional beam time rate)33.00/hr49.50/hr
Special processing requests/Training72.00/hr108.00/hr


***For additional information regarding Transmission Electron Microscopy please contact Ravi Thakkar at 785-532-4742/4508 OR ravithakkar@vet.k-state.edu