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Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State

Fee Schedule fees for Electron Microscopy services 

Specimen Preparation



TEM Base Charge (up to 5 vials)



TEM Base Charge (5+ vials)



SEM Base Charge (up to 5 vials)



SEM Base Charge (5+ vials)



Special processing requests/Training/hr



(chemical prep, special techniques, etc)




TEM Thick Plastic (semithin + staining) Sectioning per block



TEM (Ultrathin) Sectioning



EM Beamtime


TEM per hour/assisted



TEM per hour/unassisted



SEM per hour/assisted



SEM per hour/unassisted



EDX (addtl beam time rate)



STEM (addtl beam time rate)




Internal Customer:  Internal customers include KSU departments and KSU employees acting in their capacity as an official representative of the university.  It also includes other State Agencies who use state appropriations to pay for the product or service.  Grants and contracts processed though Preaward Services are considered internal funds and should be charged the internal customer rate.

External Customer:  External customers include, but are not limited to, students, members of the faculty or staff acting in a personal capacity, community colleges, school districts and members of the community. It also includes other State agencies who use non-state appropriations to pay for the product or service.

For additional information concerning technical methods, budgeting, SOP preparation and equipment selection. Please contact the EM manager Ravi Thakkarravithakkar@vet.k-state.edu