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Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State

Dr. Minjung Kim

Dr. Minjung KimPost-Doctoral Fellow


B.S., Chemistry, Sungshin Women's University
M.S., Analytical Chemistry, Hanyang University
Ph.D., Biopolymer Science and Technology, Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University 




Microneedle fabrication for transdermal drug delivery; Biopolymer design and synthesis for pharmaceutical applications 


Kim M, Sun XS. Adhesion properties of soy protein crosslinked with organic calcium silicate hydrate hybrids. Journal of Applied Polymer Science 131(7): 40693-40701, 2014.

Park SC, Kim M, Park J, Chung H, Kim HY. Wide area illumination Raman scheme for simple and nondestructive discrimination of seawater cultured pearls. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy. 40(12): 2187-2192, 2009.

Kim M, Chung H, Kemper MS. Robust Raman Measurement of Hydrogen Peroxide Directly Through Plastic Containers under the Change of Bottle Position and Its Long-term Prediction Reproducibility. Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 48(3): 592-597, 2008.

Park SC, Kim M, Noh J, Chung H, Woo Y, Lee J, Kemper MS. Reliable and fast quantitative analysis of active ingredient in pharmaceutical suspension using Raman spectroscopy. Analytica Chimica Acta: 593(1), 46-53, 2007.

Kim M, Chung H, Woo Y, Kemper MS. New reliable Raman collection system using the wide area illumination (WAI) scheme combined with the synchronous intensity correction standard for the analysis of pharmaceutical tablets. Analytica Chimica Acta: 579(2), 209-216, 2006.