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Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State

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The CytoViva enhanced darkfield hyperspectral microscope with imaging system enables optical observation and spectral characterization of a wide range of nanomaterials up to 10 nm in solution. Since it is based on scattering of light by the nanomaterial against a very dark background, the interaction of nanoscale materials, live cells, pathogens, and tissue- and materials-based matrices can be imaged without fluorescent labeling or other special sample preparation.


Projects are initiated by a meeting of the user, principal investigator, Core Director and Core Manager.  Contact Mr. Tej Shrestha.  
The Core provides individual training.  
Trained users coordinate instrument use via the Scheduler.



Nanotechnology core facility equipment is available for properly trained persons, with approval of the lab manager. There is a fee for using the core facility equipment.  Please contact Tej Shrestha for the fee structure.