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Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State

Job Opening

Dr. Rob DeLong's biomedical nanotechnology laboratory in the School of Veterinary Medicine at K-State is currently inviting applications for volunteer undergraduate researchers. Ideal applicants would be diligent, organized, self-motivated and will have already taken several undergraduate STEM/lab classes. Typically, students shadow experienced researchers for 4-6 hours a week for a semester before taking on their own undergraduate research project. Students are expected to progress one of the main research interests of the group which includes but is not limited to: delivery of  therapeutic nucleic acids, anticancer proteins, and CRISPR/Cas9; biochemical and immunological activity of nanoparticles; or new fluorescence/bioluminescence-enhanced imaging agent applications. Interested students should e-mail resume/CV and a written paragraph of interest c/o Dr. Rob DeLong (robertdelong@ksu.edu). Applications will be reviewed as they are received.