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Nanotechnology Innovation Center of Kansas State

Olympus IX73 inverted fluorescent microscope system

Olympus IX73

The Olympus IX73 inverted fluorescent microscope system allows for live cell imaging in a controlled temperature and CO2 environment. We have detected nanoparticles and cell markers labeled with DAPI, FITC, CY3, CY5, QD655, in general 455 to 670 nm fluorophore emissions.

The labor intense localization is eased with the use of the ProScan™III motorized stage three-dimensional stage joystick or it can be autofocused with the CellSens Dimension software.

The images acquired are high resolution bright field images, enabling sensitive fluorescence detection, due to the DP80 12.7MP dual CCD camera, which combines both a color and a monochrome sensor. This microscope can be operated in differential interference contrast (DIC mode) and three position coded magnification changer (1X, 1.6X, 2X).